In addition to Selling and Hiring Generators, we provide all the essential Services for the flawless, uninterrupted operation of your Generators. Specifically, we are offering the necessary maintenance, as well as repairs in the event of damage or breakdown. More advanced services are, also, available for special projects, such as synchronisation and telemonitoring, which will add extra capabilities and fuel efficiency to your Generator environment. The skilled personnel of our company will be there for you for the successful implementation of your business or personal needs.

This advanced service allows distance control of you generator from whenever you are. Hence, you can use or monitor your generator without the need of travelling to the physical generator’s location. Moreover, with Telemonitoring you are going to be able to check your generator’s status and ensure that everything is in good condition and ready to run smoothly whenever you need them.

This service can be proved extremely useful in big projects, where the big distance or large number of generators make it cost-ineffective to travel. It is, also, useful in buildings where a large number of machinery is operating and their condition needs to be regularly checked.

Synchronisation is the process where a generator is synchronised with the electricity network. That is desirable for two reasons:

a) An individual/company can use synchronisation to connect to the electricity network in order to share the load of his facilities, between a generator and the electricity network. It can, also, act as a maximum demand shaper for the electricity of the facility. In this way, you will get part of the power of the main electricity and afterwards, when the charges are going to be higher, you will get the rest from the generators. Thus, your costs will be significantly lower.

b) An individual/company can use synchronisation in order to be self-producer of electricity (after taking in consideration any legal obligations) and outsource that energy to the main electricity network.

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